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Resolute Networks product family is a comprehensive, end-to-end suite of best-in-class OEM solutions for TDM Circuit Emulation Services (CES) applications over IP, Ethernet and MPLS infrastructure.

Resolute ultra-compact OEM CES gateway modules enable network equipment providers to rapidly integrate fully featured, carrier-grade TDM services in any packet-based network equipment, while guaranteeing minimal investment in R&D resources, low development risk and fast time to market.

The end-to-end suite of CES modules ranges from cost-effective CPE devices and through enhanced, multi-port, high-density aggregators.

Product Selection Guide:

ModuleCMX-1601 / CMX-1614CMX-1624CMX-1628CMX-16C3CMX-16T3
Module TypeCPEEnhanced CPE / low-end aggregatorAggregator / high-end CPEAggregatorAggregator
TDM Ports1 / 4 x T1/E14 x T1/E18 x T1/E1STM-1 (1:1 redundancy)3 x T3
Structure-aware nxDS0 pseudowires1 / 103264128128
Structure-agnostic T1/E1 pseudowires1 / 44884 / 6384 / 63
# of Independent clocks1488484
Packet Interface100Mb MII100Mb MII100Mb MII1GbE1GbE
IEEE-1588 v2NoYesYesYesYes
Ext. Clock interfaces1 (in/out)2 in / 2 out / in + out2 in / 2 out / in + out

Key Benefits
  • Fully integrated, self-contained sub-system
  • Compact footprint ( credit-card size)
  • Fast time to market
  • Fully standards-compliant
    • IETF RFC 4553 (SAToP) and RFC 5086 (CESoPSN), MEF-8, MFA-8.0.0, ITU-T Y.1413
  • Best of class Sync-over-Packet technology
    • Full compliance with ITU-G.823/G.824/G.8261 jitter and wander requirements
    • MEF-18 certified
    • Integrated IEEE-1588v2 support
  • Low end-to-end latency
  • Flexible clocking strategy
  • High Resilience to packet network impairments network Packet Delay Variation (PDV)
  • Future proof, field-upgradeable evolving firmware
  • Self-contained evaluation units for fast prototyping, evaluation and field trials.
    • Used as a complete and proven reference design

Contact Information

For technical information and support, please send e-mail to info@resolutenetworks.com
For prices and availability, please contact the regional Telco Systems' sales office.